Bicycle Rentals at Calitzdorp Tourism office

Great news, another improvement developed at Calitzdorp Tourism, adding to our growing list of contributions.

Calitzdorp Tourism offers bicycles for rental. Rentals are based on a hour to hour basis. Very important with regards to returns: the office close at 17:00 from Monday - Friday and at 13:00 on a Saturday. We are closed on Sundays, but arrangements can be made in advance.

Our bikes come with a helmet. They are perfect for exploring the town. Forget about the traffic and enjoy the town sights at your own pace, while breathing in the rich culture of Calitzdorp. Our bikes are also ideal for the more challenging trips. If you’re interested in exploring Calitzdorp’s natural surroundings then this bike’s for you.

Last but not least: when hiring equipment you’re required to pay a security cash deposit in case of damage/theft and a copy of your identity book/passport (we will make the copy).


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